What we do?

Our greatest satisfaction is when talented new-to-market employees and their employers bring out the best in each other. But both seem to be struggling with this lately.

The challenges that organizations are experiencing in managing this complex generation are understandable. Gen Ys don’t innately have the organizational loyalty and stick-to-itiveness needed to work through a professional rough patch and come out the other side stronger and more experienced. They need more feedback, guidance, and coaching particularly in the areas of project planning, business communication, and business life skills. They need mentors to support them, and help them see parts of the organization they may not otherwise see.

Managers need to understand this new generation and readjust their own thinking and approaches to attract, retain and get excellence from these new hires. Gen Y has great potential to bring a strong technical fluidity, global focus, multitasking, creative, collaborative, caring, energetic and fresh perspective to the workforce. But their working environment needs to be receptive.

Onboarding Gen Y bridges the disconnects. We provide support for organization seeking advice and training in how to work effectively with these new hires. And we guide those who are just launching their careers as they figure out what they want to do and generate the tools and skills to be attractive to the prospective employers of their dreams. We also coach these new-to-market employees so they have a more realistic view of what will be expected of them as they enter the workforce and what they can expect from it.

Our greatest satisfaction is when talented new-to-market employees and their employers bring out the best in each other. Isn’t that what you want too?

Our Mission

Onboarding Gen Y prepares new-to-market Gen Y employees to successfully enter the workplace and helps guide organizations to effectively hire, welcome, retain and enable these employees to exceed expectations.
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