Job Search Prep

Resume Review

Writing a resume, especially early in your career, can be confusing and frustrating.  An effective resume can get you an interview.  An ineffective or flawed one will go into the “Hold File” at best.

We will work with you to create a resume that showcases your experience in the best light and has the potential to drive an interview that will help you get the job.  You’ll create a resume that you’re proud of, and the discussions we have while reviewing your resume will be as valuable as the final product itself.

Our work together will result in:

  • A list of the 10 reasons that someone should hire you
  • An understanding of the differences in creating an online resume and a paper resume
  • Decisions regarding what should and what should not be included
  • Decisions regarding what format best showcases your skill, strengths and experience
  • A resume that highlights what’s special about you
  • A resume relevant to the types of positions you seek
  • Brief pointers for the interviews to come

Interview Prep and Practice

Some job applicants view an interview as a time when they must respond to whatever questions, scenarios and tasks the interviewer sends their way.

But those applicants who are thoroughly prepared and have an agenda of their own tend to have better results.

We will work with you to determine strategies for your interviews that will help you not only improve your interviewing skills, but also learn what you need to know about the position, company and your possible place in it.

Our work together will include:

  • A list of the 5 – 10 things an interviewer must learn about you
  • How to get the inside track on your prospective job
  • How to respond to the questions that scare you
  • How to make the most of the experience you’ve had
  • How to turn the interview into a conversation
  • How to get the information you need
  • How to prepare and practice so you won’t be nervous

Our Mission

Onboarding Gen Y prepares new-to-market Gen Y employees to successfully enter the workplace and helps guide organizations to effectively hire, welcome, retain and enable these employees to exceed expectations.
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Much has been written lately about Gen Y. We read about how they want to do "good" in the world; how they seem to be delaying adulthood, and how challenging it has been for companies to attract, retain and manage these employees. Sound familiar? Read more...

Career Launchers

Are you a college junior, senior, recent grad or first time job changer who is ready to find your place in the professional world, but having trouble making decisions or getting started? Or are you the entrepreneurial type with a great idea, but no plan? Read more...