Sometimes you will have an employee who has the right stuff to reach the next level of your organization, but needs some external assistance to make the move successfully.  Other times you will have an employee who has great potential, but is having trouble reaching that potential.  External assistance can help in ways that internal assistance may not.

Our coaching services can be used as a follow on to our workshops or on their own.  Results will be employees who are reaching their potential and happier with their role within your organization.

Our Mission

Onboarding Gen Y prepares new-to-market Gen Y employees to successfully enter the workplace and helps guide organizations to effectively hire, welcome, retain and enable these employees to exceed expectations.
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Much has been written lately about Gen Y. We read about how they want to do "good" in the world; how they seem to be delaying adulthood, and how challenging it has been for companies to attract, retain and manage these employees. Sound familiar? Read more...

Career Launchers

Are you a college junior, senior, recent grad or first time job changer who is ready to find your place in the professional world, but having trouble making decisions or getting started? Or are you the entrepreneurial type with a great idea, but no plan? Read more...